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Taylor Herman

Aspiring designer for sustainable structures and urban environments.

Taylor attended Green Mountain College, a small environmentally focused school in Vermont, for his undergraduate degree in Renewable Energy and Ecological Design. The program, which focused on both the comprehension of sustainable architectural practices and the physical skills required to build such structures, was the beginning of Taylor's interest and involvement in environmentally appropriate urban design.

After his undergraduate studies, Taylor joined a startup in Boston called EnergySage. The company created and ran an online marketplace to educate and sell solar PV to homeowners.

At EnergySage, Taylor gained insight into the values of business and the complexities that come with building a successful business model. Working with a small team at an early stage startup meant that there was plenty of opportunity lead, learn, and improve on strengths and weaknesses.

The unique experience that came from this opportunity quickly became invaluable and influential towards building his own career path in design.
Currently, Taylor is considering and evaluating his next big opportunity. Although several have arisen, he believes that the next chapter is going back to school, allowing him to focus more on his professional passion, sustainable urban design.

Taylor is also an avid gardener and beekeeper as well as a hiking enthusiasts and dog lover. On Saturdays, you can find his walking the local trails with his dog, Maia.